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Siete Cruces to Fuentes Georginas 

Climb through an old-growth pine forest, summit Volcán Pico Zunil, relax in the warm, healing waters of Las Fuentes Georginas...

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All listed trek prices are for groups with a minimum of five people. If your group is smaller than five people, please contact us for more information about prices.

DURATION: 1 day      COST: Q 350 per person (minimum five people)

(includes local indigenous guides, all meals, snacks, transportation, entrance fees, and plenty of good stories about Mayan culture and Guatemalan history for the trails…)

The Siete Cruces trail is named for the seven Christian crosses marking the route. A strenuous yet beautiful hike, Siete Cruces includes views of Lago Atitlán and Guatemala's volcanic chain. We begin the day with a two hour climb through an old growth pinabete forest near Xecam, Cantel. Following a break for breakfast at the mirador, we ascend Volcán Pico Zunil, reaching the summit in time for lunch. We spend the afternoon descending through a cloud forest into Zunil until arriving at Las Fuentes Georginas, a natural hot spring spa tucked into the fern-covered mountainside. Soothing our sore muscles in the warm, healing waters, we rest and relax before heading back to Chico Mendes or Xela.

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