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Want to learn more about our work? Interested in organizing a group trip? Ready to come volunteer, join us for a trek, or study at the language school? How about all three? Contact Armando through WhatsApp or give us a call!

We spend more time in the forest than in the office. We appreciate you following these guidelines to help us get back to you quickly:


  • Send us a Whatsapp or give us a phone call rather than email.

  • Please contact us in Spanish. If you do not speak Spanish, we appreciate you using Google Translate!  

And remember to check our FAQs page for answers to some of your questions... 

WhatsApp and Cell: (502) 5531-3082
Armando's number, Spanish only (use Google Translate if needed)
Remember to add country exit code (011 for calls from USA or Canada, 00 for calls from UK)

Jorge Armando López Pocol

Pachaj, Cantel, Quetzaltenango 09014


There are no house numbers or street names in Pachaj, but if you include Armando's name your mail might get here (no promises that it will...)

Note: This map does not show our exact location. See our Getting Here page for details on finding us.

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