Full Itinerary

Siete Cruces to Fuentes Georginas

(option 1) 5:00 am: Meet at Chico Mendes to distribute gear and make final preparations, then take a pickup or microbus to the trailhead

(option 2) 5:30 am: Meet in Xela's Parque Central, then take a pickup or microbus to the trailhead

6:00 am: Arrive at trailhead in Xecam and begin two hour climb through old-growth pinabete forest, with breaks along the way

8:00 am: Breakfast at the mirador, then continue climbing

1:00 pm: Eat lunch on the summit of Volcán Pico Zunil while admiring views of Lago Atitlán and the volcanic chain

4:30 pm: Steeply descend until arriving at Las Fuentes Georginas, where we relax in the warm, medicinal waters

5:30 pm: Hop on a bus back to Chico Mendes or Xela

6:00 pm: Trek ends

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