Chico Mendes Tour

Delve into Chico Mendes' work, visit a reforestation site, eat a traditional Guatemalan lunch at Armando's house, hike up Quiac to explore Mayan ruins...

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All listed trek prices are for groups with a minimum of five people. If your group is smaller than five people, please contact us for more information about prices.

DURATION: 1/2 day      COST: Q 250 per person

(includes Chico Mendes team member as your guide, traditional Guatemalan lunch at Armando's house, and transportation to/from the city of Xela…)


Tour offered in Spanish only

Sample Itinerary

You are welcome to visit in the morning or afternoon. Contact us to schedule a tour!

9:00 am: Meet Armando in Xela to drive to Chico Mendes

9:30 am: Guided tour of Chico Mendes viveros and several reforestation sites; learn more about what we do, why we do it, and the challenges facing indigenous Guatemalans

11:00 am: Hike to the top of Quiac (Pachaj's local mountain) for views of Cantel; explore local Mayan ruins and altars while learning about the Mayan calendar and belief systems

12:30 pm: Enjoy a traditionally-prepared Guatemalan lunch at Armando's house

(optional) 1:30-3:00 pm: Spend the afternoon volunteering in the vivero or at a reforestation site

anytime after 1:30pm: Drive back to Xela 

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