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Join Us In Planting The Future...

With your support, we take another small step towards conserving our forests, reversing climate change, empowering indigenous Guatemalan communities, and inspiring people from across the globe to take action. Your contribution enables us to continue upkeep of reforestation sites while pursuing new projects in Cantel and beyond. 

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We work with the Alliance for Global Justice to receive donations from international supporters. Click the button above to donate, then simply select the Chico Mendes Reforestation Project and choose a donation amount.

Chico Mendes is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in the United States.  

100% of Chico Mendes funds come from your donations. This includes both direct online donations and donations built into the costs of group trips, adventure treks, and the language school.

What Can Your Dollar Do?

$3 takes care of one new tree for one year

Planting a healthy tree with a high chance of survival takes a lot more than just a seed, soil, water, and sunlight. Donations aid us in pruning, weeding, and watering saplings in el vivero (the tree nursery), planting on the steep mountains of Cantel, clearing brush that ignites forest fires, and fertilizing new trees with natural compost.

$8 buys 1000 bags to plant aguacatillo and pinabete seedlings in the vivero

$40 buys a new wheelbarrow to transport trees, compost, and soil

$70 provides snacks for 30 local Pachaj student volunteers

When we break for snacks after a morning of hard work, some students have nothing to eat. Your donation ensures that no local student goes hungry while

volunteering with Chico Mendes.

$80-500 supports one day of work at a reforestation site

Planting and continual maintenance of reforestation sites requires transporting people, trees, and tools to the site, as well as hiring local workers to aid Pachaj students and international volunteers with manual labor. Daily expenses vary, depending on the site's seasonal reforestation phase.

$4350 builds a new greenhouse to protect saplings from damaging frost

Without proper protection, young aguacatillo and aliso trees die during the cool season (Dec-Mar). Each November, we construct roofs from scrap wood and corn stalks to protect the saplings. Unfortunately, our impermanent roof structures require constant repairs and prevent trees from receiving enough sunlight. Two new greenhouses will allow us to grow more trees in el vivero. Download greenhouse design and cost estimate.


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