Full Itinerary

Volcán Tajumulco

Day 1:

(option 1) 4:45 am: Meet at Chico Mendes to distribute gear and make final preparations, then take a pickup to the bus terminal in Xela

(option 2) 5:15 am: Meet in Xela's Parque Central and take a microbus to the bus terminal

5:45 am: Hop on a bus to the town of San Marcos in the department of San Marcos

7:30 am: Breakfast at a comedor in San Marcos

8:30 am: Take public transportation to the trailhead

10:00 am: Begin ascending dirt trail through a small town before entering a pine forest

12:30 pm: Lunch on the volcano

2:30 pm: Arrive at our campsite between Tajumulco's two summits

3:00 pm: Set up camp, then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and hanging out

6:00 pm: Eat dinner

7:00 pm: Go to sleep early to rest up for tomorrow

Day 2:

3:30 am: Wake up and prepare for climb

4:00 am: Begin one hour ascent up gravely trail above the tree line

5:00 am: Arrive at the summit, make ourselves comfortable, and await the sunrise and views of volcanic chain

7:00 am: Return to camp and pack our bags

8:00 am: Eat breakfast

9:00 am: Leave camp and descend the volcano

1:00 pm: Eat lunch at a comedor near the bus terminal in San Marcos

2:30 pm: Hop on a bus back to Xela

5:00 pm: Arrive in Xela where trek ends: either take a bus back to Chico Mendes or continue traveling from Xela

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